For our region:

Qualifications in dealing with high-voltage technology, photovoltaics and battery energy storage in industry and trade

The need and demand for qualifications in the specialist areas of high-voltage technology, photovoltaics and energy storage technology for trade, industry and other sectors has increased significantly in recent years.

In order to meet this need in our region, we want to develop, offer and implement certified, recognized training courses together with our partners and you.


All qualifications are developed and implemented in close cooperation with the chambers, the employers’ liability insurance association and the QualifizierungsCentrum der Wirtschaft GmbH Eisenhüttenstadt.

Our goals

  • Actively strengthening the supply of skilled workers in our region
  • Tailor-made qualification offers that meet the regional needs of our companies
  • for work on vehicles with high-voltage systems
  • for planning, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems
  • for installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of battery/energy storage systems
  • Training courses (additional qualifications) for our trainees in industry and trade in photovoltaics, energy/battery storage and high-voltage technology
  • Further training opportunities for a photovoltaics specialist
  • Qualifications for fire protection (fire prevention, firefighting) when handling high-voltage vehicle systems and photovoltaic systems

Support us in actively shaping the content of these qualifications. Together with you, we want to develop further training courses that are tailored to your employees in a targeted and practical manner.

Our target groups

Our offer is aimed at specialists from companies, craft businesses, public facilities and institutions in our region who are already or will be directly or indirectly “in touch” with this technology.

  • Car dealerships, car workshops, car service
  • Craft businesses and companies in the gas/water/heating/solar trade
  • Craft businesses and electrical engineering companies
  • Roofing contractors
  • Construction company
  • Service providers such as property management companies, engineering offices
  • Public facilities such as public utilities, local public transport, fire departments
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