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Professional language course B2

Immerse yourself in the B2 professional language course and take your professional career to the next level! With intensive training at upper-intermediate level according to the CEFR, this course offers the perfect opportunity to master complex texts, communicate fluently and master work-related German. The course can be chosen flexibly in presence or virtually and opens doors to new professional horizons. Take the opportunity to deepen your skills and develop professionally!

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General integration course

Immerse yourself in an intensive course that teaches you German for everyday life, work, society, culture, politics and the media in 700 hours in a practical and exciting way. This course opens doors to a successful life in Germany. With a certificate at CEFR level B1 and the “Integration Course Certificate”, you will be ready for the challenges of everyday and professional life in your new home. Expand your language skills and actively shape your integration!

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General refresher course

Immerse yourself in an inspiring learning journey, tailor-made for those who have completed the integration course but have not yet reached B1 level. In a supportive community of 10 to 15 participants, you will not only improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, but also experience practical applications in everyday life, work and school. Our varied teaching methods, from role plays to interactive presentations, adapt to your individual learning needs.

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Special vocational language course B1

Special vocational language course B1: the key to independent participation!
The special vocational language course B1 is tailor-made for refugees in Germany and is based on language level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
The course teaches the language and intercultural skills required to live and work independently in Germany. The accompanying orientation course with 100 teaching units provides essential knowledge about the German legal system, history and culture in four central areas: Law, History, Culture and Democracy and Tolerance.

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Integration course with literacy

Your path to German competence!

The integration course with literacy is the ideal choice for adults who want to improve their German language skills. This advanced course offers a structured learning environment that focuses on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. With varied units, practical exercises and a clear focus on everyday topics, the course offers a comprehensive opportunity to consolidate your German language skills and take them to a higher level. Invest in your future and strengthen your self-confidence in using the German language!

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